Activities Calendar

Challenger 1’s weekly program features lessons and activities in Safety, Fitness, Health, Aerospace, Emergency Services, Character Development, Drill & Ceremony, Drug Demand Reduction, and Leadership.  The agenda is sent to members before each meeting with the uniform of the day.  We have additional training and fun outings on weekends.

1st Wed – Safety Brief, Physical Training, Drug Demand Reduction/Healthy Choice (UOD: PT/Fitness)

2nd Wed – Character Development, Flight Time & Drill Practice, Aerospace Education (UOD: BDUs)

3rd Wed – Flight Time & Drill Testing, Leadership Lab, Emergency Services Training (UOD: BDUs)

4th Wed – Drill & Ceremony, Guest Speaker, Promotions (UOD: BDUs)

5th Wed – Cadet Command’s Free Choice (TBA)

Many of our activities are also listed on the National Capital Wing Calendar under DC060.