Activities Calendar

Challenger 1’s weekly program features lessons and activities in Safety, Fitness, Health, Aerospace, Emergency Services, Character Development, Drill & Ceremony, and Leadership.  The agenda is sent to members before each meeting with the uniform of the day.  We have additional training and fun outings on weekends.

1st Wed – Safety Brief, Physical Training (UOD: PT/Fitness)

2nd Wed – Character Development, Flight Time & Drill Practice (UOD: BDUs)

3rd Wed – Flight Time & Drill Testing, Leadership Lab (UOD: BDUs)

4th Wed – Aerospace Education, Awards & Promotions (UOD: BDUs)

5th Wed – Senior Member and Cadet Cadre only planning (UOD: BDUs)

Many of our activities are also listed on the National Capital Wing Calendar under DC060.