Develop Your Inner Hurricane Hunter, Meteorology Lessons, and More

Learn about hurricanes from Air Force-trained meteorologists/Challenger 1 senior members 1st Lt Libby Haynes and Captain Kimberley Mevers. Watch their METEOROLOGY LESSON presented at our Aerospace Education meeting this past August. For some excitement, watch EARLY HURRICANE HUNTERS Youtube video recommended by Lt Haynes who was forecasting for USAF in the 1950s. She says, “It’s the first instance of a pilot flying into a hurricane on a dare.”
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Lessons from Cadet Aviation Ground School – click on power point

Aviation Ground School Presentation by C/2d Lt Ramiscal

C/2d Lt Gabriel Ramiscal, Cadet Aerospace Education Officer, shared an inside view of the National Cadet Special Activity Cadet Aviation Ground School which he attended this past summer in Tennessee with two other Challenger 1 cadets and our AE instructor Capt John Fornshell.  The presentation came to life with Ramiscal’s explanations of topics such as the value of CAGS, getting a pilot license, and aircraft aerodynamics and structure.  Cadets said the lesson was good test prep for CAP online AE courses.